Monday, 24 January 2011


I bought these camel trousers from Topshop whilst in Manchester at the weekend. I'm normally a skirt, dress or shorts girl as I carry most of my weight around my hips and so those styles are the most flattering. I struggle to find trousers that 1. fit and 2. don't make me look about 20 stone!! But these ones seem to look OK-ish! What do you all think? I also bought a khaki pair very similar from River Island. I will try to post a picture of them soon.

Manchester was absolutely FAB at the weekend. It was so nice to be with all of my university friends again. Its so strange to think we spent three years of our lives living together and now we all live so far apart. But It's great that we make an effort to meet up on a fairly regular basis and I know they will be friends for life :)
Here are a few photos from our night out. Champagne cocktails were the drink du jour!

Until next time...

Anwen x

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