Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Weekend with windmills...

Had a lovely weekend all in all. My Aunty put on a magnificant buffet on Saturday night and I ate more then my fair share!! Myrddin got back from his snowboarding holiday on Sunday so we spent the day together. We wen't for a lovely run in the car on Sunday afternoon. He took me to lots of beautiful places I had never been before and we ended up on top of an amazing hill just in time for the sunset. I also had plenty of snuggle time with Rwdlan :) Happy days!


  1. I find a field of windmills so stunning. I love green energy. You're so darling and cute I'm happy I came across your blog. Mutual following? x


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  3. Thank you both for visiting my blog! I'm Just starting out so you have well and truly made my day :)

    You both have lovely blogs... consider yourselves followed.