Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Be My Valentine???

Yesterday was Valentines Day (or Sant Ffolant in Welsh). Myrddin and I went out for a beautiful meal to a local 'gastropub' called The Groes Inn. It was actually the first ever pub in Wales did you know?! The food was absolutely delish, but rather than ordering dessert we bought a packet of their speciality homemade fudge to enjoy back at home whilst snuggled on the sofa watching Glee!! I also received my first EVER bouquet of flowers which most definitely made me smile. I found my outfit yesterday rather cheesy though, a pussy bow blouse adorned with tiny black velvet hearts! Talk about dressing for the occasion?! I also wore my MAC coral coloured lipstick for the first time in ages. I'm always a bit weary of wearing brightly coloured lipsticks as I normally wear quite colourful clothing so it can look a bit much.

Also, here are a few photos from my trip to Edinburgh at the weekend. Wales beat Scotland 24-6 (yessssss) so there was ALOT of celebrating to be done!

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  1. You look lovely x